Saturday, September 24, 2016

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There are two main factors affecting advertising, advertising data monitoring and display of creative forms of advertising. In the monitoring of advertising data on the Flash has been very mature, according to the html5 website templates monitoring because of laziness and technical difficulty will be relatively lagging behind, smartadmin bootstrap download free and to show the ad, Flash are strong enough, so in the field of Internet advertising in a short period of time will not change too much.

But in the mobile advertising will be a great help, html mobile app template free mobile terminal replacement Flash is already a trend.

Bootstrap Template

PC end: CANVAS's HTML5 tag is essentially a JS drawing API that contains only 2D and 3D support. Even so, flash client game has many years of business practice and mature experience accumulation, smartadmin free download and flash has supported hardware acceleration, including CPU and GPU acceleration, maturity is not at all a level!

Mobile terminal: IOS from the commercial interests of the consideration does not support flash, Bootstrap Template but the support of Andriod; HTML5 needless to say, the full support. Mobile devices on the terminal after the html5 website templates will have a larger space.

html5 mobile template free download

html5 template download

I think first define what you want to develop target platform, mobile platform, or the PC side, for now, html5 website templates of JS, CANVAS game is mainly for mobile terminals, such as mobile phones, iPad, the PC is not as FLASH I think beyond FLASH is still quite difficult on PC, but on mobile devices, because there is a natural barrier IOS, plus flash mobile version is not to force too, along with the hardware upgrade as well as a variety of special type of HTML5 browser support degree increase, HTML5 CANVAS whether or SVG, html5 mobile template free download will be more and more applications.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

smartadmin 1.8.2 download

Change from HTML4 to HTML5 Bootstrap Template, will cause the increase in development costs, such as IPv4 to IPv6 transformation of the cost of hardware problems. HTML5 to give up APPLET and other labels, smartadmin 1.8.2 download for the development of dependence on APPLET, such as the bank's payment card will face the risk of implementation framework reconstruction.

The new browser will provoke HTML5 developers nerve, in turn, will drive the development of html5 browser support developers. Overall, the benefits will be driven by all, so that business leaders see hope, HTML5 popularity is not far.

unify template 1.9.6

From the major manufacturers of the degree of. In particular, the unify template 1.9.6 emergence of HTML5, Adobe, and the presence of substituted Flash may. Microsoft also has the same problem, the html5 template download is almost no support for IE share continued to decline, while windows is high, Microsoft will not protect themselves and prevent html5 website templates promotion? In addition, it has Silverlight, may face the same fate as Flash.

smartadmin free download

The first is the support of the browser, which is the premise of all HTML standards. And between different browsers, the unified html5 website templates implementation, also have a great impact, which WEB developers are not willing to spend too much time to deal with different browser compatibility issues between HTML4, smartadmin free download unified HTML5 implementation is more important, free angle template because HTML5 is not only a web page.

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From the development of free online html5 games this year, whether it is a technical problem or channel problems, have breakthrough progress, including Sina, Kingsoft, the Tencent began to layout mobile html template free industry, game engine cocos, egret and other mature, egret runtime currently has H5 games accelerated to native the level of the current market need excellent html5 template download works, so many game developers the opportunity, a few days ago in a H5 industry to discuss, we generally said that the lack of high-quality games, although none of the developers to open channels can not imagine, but the core is the lack of tens of millions of explosion the game, so a great opportunity.